To check the feasibility and costs of exceptional transports, which therefore involve the use of lorries exceeding 20.00 m in length, 2.55 m in width, 4.30 m in height and a total weight of 40 tonnes, we invite you to fill in our contact form, giving details of the goods to be shipped.

The organisation of an exceptional transport operation is fascinating and at the same time meticulous: careful study of the details, of the goods, calculations and professionalism to leave nothing to chance.

It is essential to rely on a company with long experience in exceptional loads, as the overall organisation requires several stages
– inspection to establish the details of the load according to the customer’s needs;
– requesting the necessary permits from the operator or owners of the roads to be used along the route, in accordance with state regulations;
– the request for an authorised technical escort with police patrols, in order to better signal the presence of heavy vehicles on the road.